Episode 14 - Andean Dream Wisdom & Symbology

podcast Apr 13, 2022


 In this episode, Jhaimy shares the Andean perspective on how we can use our own personal symbology to assist in our experiences of Dreamtime. Whether it’s using the 4 elements or allowing an animal totem to “eat you”, he encourages us to remember the power that we have to create within our dreams and the importance of the correct interpretation to guide us deeper on our dreaming journeys.

Quotes: :

“Because it's your world, because it's your reality, you have the power. Maybe one of the most fantastic and beautiful powers that exists - you are free to create whatever you like.”

“Every single dream has something to teach, so learn. But also remember; it’s your world, it’s your reality, it’s your own space.”

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Episode 13 - The Ayllu: Spiritual Family and Sacred Community

podcast Mar 31, 2022

In this episode, Jhaimy describes the Andean social structure known as the Ayllu. The Ayllu is both a chosen spiritual family and a community of shared practice. People come together to support each other through day-to-day life and the processes of Yachay (Sacred Learning) and Llanquay (Sacred Work). Within this community, all experiences are shared energetically and held sacred.  



“When somebody is sick, all of the community is sick, but when somebody arrives to another point of view, another reality, or learns something amazing, the community also energetically arrives to this space more quickly.”


“In the Andean tradition, when you live in a community, you need to be responsible and be more impeccable with your ideas, with your feelings, because this is going to help you and everyone – all of your Ayllu, all your spiritual family.”

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Episode 12 - Cultivating Personal Peace Through the Understanding of Pacha - Time & Space

podcast Mar 16, 2022

In this episode, Jhaimy shares the Andean wisdom of Pacha – time and space; “…two beautiful vibrations that move together”, with a focus on how we experience time. Today, we commonly view the past as behind us, and the future as being ahead of us. However, in Andean traditions, the future lives behind us, unseen and unknown. The past, on the other hand, is seen as in front of us; it is what we must face, learn from, and walk through each day. When we see our past in front of us and learn to witness, embrace, and learn from our patterns, then we will have the insight to make better choices and create a more peaceful, harmonious life.

Quotes: :

“One of my elders said something beautiful. ‘Study your past, and in this way, you’re going to live a better present and call a better future’. And maybe this is a big medicine.”

“When you are in peace with you, everything is fantastic. Everything’s going to be OK,...

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Episode 11 - Ñyo Kan Kani: Building a Sacred Relationship with the Self

podcast Mar 02, 2022

In this episode, Jhaimy introduces the Andean concept of Ñyo Kan Kani (I Am Me). He shares that one of the main sicknesses for humanity today is the need for “understanding”. Ñyo Kan Kani is not simply understanding yourself, but it is an action; a relationship that goes beyond knowing yourself and looks deeper at how you act in relationship with yourself, and how you hold yourself in this relationship. While we may not have the capacity to understand ourselves, or our full reality, we can accept that we exist and respect who we are – I Am Me. This relationship with ourselves, between I and Me, then leads us to a greater ability to live in harmony with the “we”. 


“Who are we to understand everything? Accept - And when you accept that you exist, when you accept your Ñyo Kan Kani – or that I am me - you are beginning to create a relationship between me and I.”

“When you live in a beautiful...

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Episode 10 - What is Love? And how is it connected to the teachings of Munay

In this episode Jhaimy reflects on the meaning of love and how as human beings we are always in search of this seemingly abstract idea. He shares that in the Andes there is a Quechua word - Munay - which is one of the Seven Andean Principles that embraces the energy of sweetness, beauty, love and magic in the same moment. He explains how each of these aspects of Munay provides a step to enter into the doorway to experience this energy in its fullness.

"In the Andean tradition love is one step that we need to walk in our way of finding and expressing Munay.”

“Munay is such a big and beautiful medicine that teaches us how to embrace in a beautiful way everything, or all our relations, in the conscious and unconscious way.”

“Munay is an energy that moves in four steps. These four steps are four different realities or windows, doors that bring communion. The union of all of the different parts, pieces, realities of your life. And it also brings communion to all...

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Episode 9 - How important is it to have a physical teacher?

In this episode, Jhaimy responds to a question that has been asked of him many times over the years. How important is it to have a physical teacher or can we explore spirituality on our own? He dives deeper into this question and shares his perspective and experience.

“More important than the ceremonies or the experience that we live is the interpretation of what we lived and what is the message there.”

“The Ancestors have already been walking and exploring spirituality in such a deep, deep way.”

“There is the easy way and the correct way.”


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Episode 8 - Illusions and the Feeling of Separation

In this episode Jhaimy shares Andean teachings as connected to the concept of Illusions and feelings of separation. He offers wisdom from his Elders and from his personal path that will support listeners in better understanding how this energy works in our lives and how it can be transformed.

“We don’t need to seek anything outside, maybe what we need to do is to look deep within ourselves.”

“Share your essence, share who you are, share your heart.”

“Whatever I do for me, immediately I do for humanity. First for my family, second for my community and third for all the humanity. And fourth, for nature, for Mother Earth and for the Cosmos. It is something we forget because of our feelings of separation.”

“If you are clear in your process, if you find clarity, you will create a healthy relationship with everyone and everything around you.”

“Remember that life is simple but complex in the same moment. And that maybe when you...

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Episode 7 - The Legend of Ikari: Finding the Return of the Light Within

This episode was first shared as a FB Live sharing with Jhaimy in our Children of the Seven Rays Community.

In this episode Jhaimy shares the legend of the Inkari in the Andes and how we can learn from this traditional story and teachings for the monumental times that we are living in today. He further reflects on how we can re-generate and re-build ourselves through empowering the seed of life within.

“The process of regeneration is not an easy journey but it is powerful and beautiful in the end.”

“The question is how do we want to re-create ourselves and to come back? Do we want to regenerate ourselves with fear and frustration or with illumination and principally with compassion and live.”

“There are many things that are happening around us right now that are not easy to digest but do not focus there, focus in your own life and bring back this light.”

“This light needs to be gentle, needs to be in harmony, but principally from...

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Episode 6 - Embracing and Understanding Fear

In this podcast episode Jhaimy reflects on our relationship to fear and how our fears can be one of our biggest teachers. He shares his personal journey and experience with embracing and harmonizing fears to create a healthy and respectful relationship within including:

  • How we can move through the energy of fears and interpret them in the correct way.
  • The teaching of “fears are not really fears but rather absolute respect for everything that we don’t know.”
  • How to transform our fears into our biggest teachers and work with them to better understand ourselves.
  • A powerful practice that we can apply in our lives to embrace our fears and learn what they are trying to teach us.
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Episode 4 - Digesting your personal process to find internal peace with yourself

 Heart of the Condor

Episode 4 - Digesting your personal process to find your internal peace with yourself

In this episode Jhaimy shares how the Andean traditions teach us about how to process and digest our experiences so that we can better understand the teachings that we are receiving.  He speaks about how traditions can guide you in the process of digesting and understanding your mission in life. Also how to interpret symbolism and metaphors in the spiritual world to then come home to your heart and this human reality which is perfect in its imperfection.

Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta is a Traditional Curandero (healer) from Cusco, Peru who is committed to empowering individuals on their spiritual path to become the best version of themselves through connecting deeply with their heart while being grounded in Mother Earth and connected to the Cosmos.

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