Andean Sacred
Mesa Path



The Mesa itself is a sacred relationship that spans a lifetime of learning for each individual. As with all things, it begins with one clear knowing and feeling of a strong “YES” calling to your heart. Once the call of the heart is heard, the next step on the spiral that begins is the beautiful process to learn the ancient philosophy and sacrality of the heart of these traditional teachings.

Weaving ancient history, story, science, traditional teachings, and ritual, the Andean Mesa Path threads the magic and wonder of foundational teachings that deepen the relationship with your sacred heart, connect you to the cosmos of Mother-Father God, and anchor you with Mother Nature and her sacred Four Elements.

The creation of the Sacred Mesa is designed to be a holistic and harmonious personal healing journey. It is not only the creation of the mesa that is important, but also how you weave your understanding, how you feel in your process, and how you embody and live the traditional teachings in your everyday life.

The mesa supports your journey in wholeness and harmony for mind, body and soul.

The Andean Mesa teachings are for those dedicated to their personal path of discovery and who are interested in deepening their spiritual practice in a meaningful and tangible way. The Mesa teachings are a life-long relationship you have with you and your heart, as well as our community of like-minded and heart-centered individuals. For some people, this is a feeling of ‚Äúcoming home‚ÄĚ, and for others an important life passage of their heart, or a harmonization of their mind, body and soul.

This is open to all levels of experience and for ages 18+

This transformational program includes:


✧ Online Learning
✧ Live Community Integration & Q&A Sessions
✧ Online Weekend Workshops & Retreats
✧ Spiritual Guidance from Jhaimy

Ayllu is a beautiful Quechua word that translates into ‚Äúbig family‚ÄĚ. As Jhaimy often shares, it is more than just a community - it is a spiritual family; a group of people that are committed to growing and learning together, and to supporting one another in being the best that they can be. Ayllu communities come together to practice Yachay - Sacred Learning, and Llanquay - Sacred Work, and to be in Service¬†of Love¬†for their families and communities.

As a Mesa Holder you will become part of our loving global community Ayllu Kallpa - The Power of Your Soul which was born in 2009. This is a welcoming space where you can continue to deepen the Mesa wisdom teachings throughout the year with unique workshops, ceremonies and offerings specifically for Yachay Wasi members.

The Mesa Path is a special online journey that weaves together unique courses, live group sessions, community learning groups, weekend retreats, and personal mentorship with Jhaimy and Ayllu Kallpa members.

It is a holistic and dynamic curriculum designed to inspire grace and bring harmony to your personal process while helping you understand, embody, and practice the traditional teachings in your day-to-day life.





  • Online Courses¬†- Each course is a dedicated¬†chapter¬†of study and focused period of training providing¬†foundational teachings that weave together self-paced learning with live¬†community sessions for questions, integration, and embodiment.¬†Topics are rich and vast so that you learn history, context, story, and ancient wisdom¬†including: the Andean Cosmo-Vision, Harmonizing The Three Bodies, History of Mesa and Altars, Essence of Chakana & Runa, Sacred¬†Tools & Ritual, Embracing the Rainbow, and¬†the Power Of Your Sacred Heart
  • One Weekend Online Retreat
    Must be online and attend live as this will not be recorded.
  • Ayllu Kallpa Yachay Wasi¬†Community Mentorship¬†-¬†We¬†gather online as a community on the 11th of each month at 7pm PDT to deepen our practice of the teachings and to support one another on our path through meditation and prayer





  • Online Courses¬†-¬†Topics¬†expand upon¬†Spiral¬†1 foundational knowledge and deepen into¬†Harmony of the Heart and¬†Alchemy of the Mesa, working with Masters and Guides, The Power of Your Soul - Kallpa, and¬†aligning Parity/Partnership -¬†Yanatin Masintin
  • One¬†Day Online¬†Workshop
    Must be online and attend live as this will not be recorded. 
  • One Weekend¬†Online Retreat
    Must be online and attend live as this will not be recorded.





  • Online Courses¬†-¬†Topics¬†expand upon¬†Spiral¬†1 & 2 knowledge and deepen into¬†Harmonizing the Four Directions,¬†the Four Elements,¬†Suyu, and Ayllu teachings
  • One¬†Weekend Online Retreat
    Must attend live as this will not be recorded.
  • One¬†Personal Mesa Mentorship Session with Jhaimy¬†-¬†This 60min session can be booked in-person or via¬†Distance
  • Suyu¬†Group Mentorship¬†- These teachings exist within¬†Yachay Wasi¬†and¬†are related to the Four Elements and your mesa
  • Mesa Completion Ceremony





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Listen to Jhaimy share more about the Andean Wisdom of the Mesa Path


Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta is a Traditional Curandero (Healer) from Cusco, Peru who has been trained and initiated in the wisdom teachings of the Northern region of Peru, home to the ancient lineage of the Sacred Plant medicine known as Wachuma or San Pedrito. Jhaimy began his initiation onto this path at a young age and has apprenticed with Master Teachers in the Alchemical mystery teachings of transformation and transmutation for over 30 years.

He is best known for his heart-centered and humble approach to healing and spirituality. He continues to be committed to the SERVICE OF LOVE and through ceremony, ritual and healing practices he supports people in moving past their limitations in order to liberate and connect with their heart and their purpose. 


From the moment I first met and experienced Jhaimy, I felt his heartfelt caring, sincerity, and genuineness in the offering of his wisdom & teachings. He has the ability to calmly listen deeply from a solid sense of who he is authentically, which can be witnessed when he is answering various inquiries about path work. This resonance of authenticity from Jhaimy underscores the sensing of a deep integrity in which he approaches & receives others who seek his teachings. Overall, it has been a most supportive and positive experience personally for me, because this experience has reflected and confirmed for me, my own path work. To feel the majesty of the Eagle and the Condor working together has brought my Heart & Soul much Joy!


I would highly recommend Jhaimy's workshops to anyone seeking to expand their knowledge and personal experience of ancient teachings. His teachings and methods are personal and from the heart, drawing from his ancient traditions with openness, sincerity, and honouring of the Earth.

-Dorothy Buck

After meeting many teachers and masters it became evident to me that spiritual insight didn't always bring an open and loving heart. Finding a balanced, spiritual-but-deeply-human teacher is a rare thing, and Jhaimy is just such a person. He shared with all of us with an open heart and as a friend, yet holding the space for us with knowledge and power.

- Franco

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