Episode 17 - Introducing the Andean Principle of Illawy – The Power of Parity

podcast May 25, 2022



In this episode, Jhaimy introduces the Andean principle of Illawy. While this principle is perhaps most simply described as parity or partnership, Jhaimy shows us how Illawy helps to shape our reality. Illawy helps us to remember “the origins of everything” and can support our understanding of how our intentions and feelings give rise to our experiences. Integrating this principle helps us to transform and transmute any intentions that may not be in harmony with what we want to receive in life.


“The Ancestors always say, “Be a little more aware of what motivates you to create things in your life.”

“My master says one day to me, “Who you are to judge yourself? And who you are to judge others? You do the things that you need to do because it's already things that you need to learn. So don't be so hard with you because whatever you do in life is what you need to learn. And this is the Illawy. This is what this medicine brings to us and this principle teaches.”


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