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Children of the Seven Rays

Andean Wisdom from the Heart with Traditional Curandero
Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta from Cusco, Peru


We hold a sacred space to connect with, learn from and practice teachings from an Andean Worldview that are grounded in Mother Earth, Connected to the Cosmos and Centred in Your Sacred Heart. 


We are committed to the values of Reverence, Impeccability and Munay (Beauty, Love, Sweetness and Magic) and we practice the Seven Andean Principles in our daily lives both personally and collectively.  


We celebrate and honour Indigenous Wisdom and support personal healing, empowerment and growth for individuals, families and communities. 
We provide opportunities to participate in classes, workshops and retreats as well as offer personal healing work and spiritual guidance. 
Our work is facilitated in-person in Canada and Peru as well as through our online platforms for our global community.  


JHAIMY ALVAREZ-ACOSTA is a Traditional Curandero (Healer) from Cusco, Peru who has been trained and initiated in the Wisdom Teachings of the Andes. Jhaimy began his initiation onto this path at a young age as an apprentice to his Traditional Elders and has now walked the committed path of a Wisdomkeeper for over 25 years.

As a keeper of Ancient Wisdom Jhaimy has been invited to share his knowledge and lead ceremonies at conferences, workshops and specialized tours throughout South America, Europe and North America. He holds a degree in Tourism from La Universidad Andina del Cusco, is the Founder of TAM Tours in Peru and has been an invited guest speaker at several universities including Trent University and McGill University.

He is Co-Founder of Children of the Seven Rays and C7Rays Foundation and is a spiritual teacher and guide best known for his heart-centered and humble approach to healing and spirituality.

Today, Jhaimy continues to be committed to the SERVICE OF LOVE and through ceremony, ritual and healing practices he supports people in moving past their limitations in order to liberate and connect with their heart and their purpose.


Children of the Seven Rays was founded in 2009 and is committed to sharing, celebrating, and honouring the Traditional Wisdom Teachings of the Andes.

We do this through hosting a series of talks, courses, workshops and retreats throughout the year both in Canada, Peru and online.

Co-Founders Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta and Starr Muranko work in partnership with long-time collaborator Martine Kleissen and an amazing global community to provide authentic, heart-felt and transformative experiences that are open to all.   


we are so glad you are here.

special events, classes and training

Monthly Fireside Teachings & Meditation

​​Join us as we "gather close around the fire” as a way to connect-in with one another and to provide a soft space to land for our C7Rays and extended communities; even for just a moment to pause and reflect each month.

We are committed to sharing and learning from Indigenous teachings to provide us guidance during these monumental times that we are living in.

All our welcome. No cost to attend.

1st Monday of Each Month 

Monday May 3rd

7pm - 8pm PDT



Munay - Living in the Andean Principle of Love

Munay represents the vibrational essence of Love in the Andean Wisdom.

Within this vibration of love, also exists the realities of beauty, magic, and sweetness in the same moment. 

Discover how these portals of understanding weave, interconnect and open new pathways in your life. Learn how to manifest more magic through bringing the beauty of your internal process to connect deeply with your soul. Remember how to use the teaching of Ayni to manifest Munay in magnificent ways.

February 10th - March 24th
7 week series



House of Sacred Learning 

A monthly curated membership program for those who feel drawn to dive deeper into the Andean Wisdom Teachings while being a part of a vibrant community - Ayllu Kallpa.

• Deepen your personal path of healing

• Cultivate more harmony in your life

• Connect with your Sacred Heart

• Dedicate more time and space to your sacred learning and sacred work

• Discover and empower your connection to the Andean Mesa Teachings

• Be in Service of Love for yourself, your family and your community

Deepen into the sacred path of the Mesa and join our Ayllu Kallpa family where like-minded and heart-centred individuals collectively come together in community to study, practice and be in the service of love.

Learn More

Children of the Seven Rays Community Group on Facebook

We invite you to join us in our private FB group to connect with Jhaimy, the Andean teachings and our community in a deeper way.
About our FB group:
We are a global community dedicated to learning, practicing, and empowering our mind, body and soul through the Traditional Andean Wisdom Teachings.
Centred in our heart and grounded in Mother Earth we practice the values of reverence, beauty, and impeccability that support the individual and the collective.
These teachings are guided by Co-Founder and Traditional Curandero (Healer) Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta and Children of the Seven Rays.
The intention of this private group is to create a safe and sacred space where we share, learn, and grow; connected to the heart of the Andes and an Indigenous worldview.
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 personal healing and harmony

Personal Healing Sessions

Experience ancient Andean techniques used for cleansing, healing and re-balancing the subtle energies through the integration of the subconscious and conscious minds. This will support you to experience freedom from limitations or past traumas, and the opening of an alignment of mind, body and spirit.

Healing sessions with Jhaimy are intended to bring about a deeper connection with your heart, so that you can live more fully in the present moment. Each 75-minute session consists of a personal consultation followed by integrated body and energy work to support your personal healing journey.

By Appointment: In-Person in North Vancouver, BC or Distance via Zoom/WhatsApp.


Traditional Coca-Leaf Readings

A powerful traditional tool that has been used in the Andes since time immemorial. These 30-minute readings are a way to give guidance and insight into aspects of one's life including areas of health, work, family, and purpose/direction on your path.

By Appointment: can be added to a Personal Healing Session as a Combination Session and booked In-Person, or booked as an individual reading via Distance Zoom/WhatsApp.


Connect With Us

Munay Space Healing Centre:

Unit 202 - 188 Pemberton Avenue in North Vancouver

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