Episode 16 - Journey to Peru – A Pilgrimage for Your Soul

journey to peru podcast May 12, 2022


In this episode, Jhaimy talks about the sacred journeys that he leads in Peru and explains why he calls them a “pilgrimage”. In older times, such trips to these temples and Andean sites would have been much more difficult to make than today, and so Jhaimy helps us to understand the sacrality and symbology in these places, while also guiding us to walk with deep reverence on these paths to honour both the Ancestors and ourselves. As a Traditional Curandero, he guides these journeys to not only share his wisdom about these sacred spaces, but to help people to transform and transmute their perceptions, ideas, and feelings along the way; to see their current lives with new eyes. When we travel in a sacred way to these sites and temples, we transform and transmute ourselves, and we are more open to recognizing our day-to day lives as an ongoing sacred journey – a pilgrimage for our soul.



“We do this journey in a sacred way, and we live in a sacred way.”


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