Episode 19 - Relationship to Self, to Others and to the Cosmos

podcast Jun 29, 2022



In this episode Jhaimy reflects on the times that we are living in and how his Elders share that one of the biggest challenges right now for humanity is how to be in relationship with ourselves and with others. This translates into how we are then with our relationship to the Cosmos and to Mother Earth.

He shares how the two Andean principles of Munay (Sweetness, Beauty, Love and Magic) and Ayni (relationship) can support the cultivation of healthy relationships with self and with others and the importance of "how you feel" more than "how you think" as being medicine.

He also shares teachings connected to the difference between rights and responsibilities as well as why he believes in the importance of respect more than tolerance.


It is not the words that you say but the way that you feel in the moment that you say something, there is the medicine, there is where we need to give our attention.”

"We are really busy as humanity looking at all of the big things, if you pay attention to the little things these are going to bring you more happiness, more joy.”

"The teaching is not to give to receive, you just give to give…its the only medicine we have.  Give your love, your understanding, the best of you and the universe is going to bring back to you what you give in a beautiful way.”


* This powerful episode was originally recorded during a FB Live teaching with Jhaimy in our Children of the Seven Rays Community Group...the teachings were so deep and potent that day that we wanted to share with our Heart of the Condor podcast listeners as well.

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