Episode 13 - The Ayllu: Spiritual Family and Sacred Community

podcast Mar 31, 2022

In this episode, Jhaimy describes the Andean social structure known as the Ayllu. The Ayllu is both a chosen spiritual family and a community of shared practice. People come together to support each other through day-to-day life and the processes of Yachay (Sacred Learning) and Llanquay (Sacred Work). Within this community, all experiences are shared energetically and held sacred.  



“When somebody is sick, all of the community is sick, but when somebody arrives to another point of view, another reality, or learns something amazing, the community also energetically arrives to this space more quickly.”


“In the Andean tradition, when you live in a community, you need to be responsible and be more impeccable with your ideas, with your feelings, because this is going to help you and everyone – all of your Ayllu, all your spiritual family.”


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