Episode 12 - Cultivating Personal Peace Through the Understanding of Pacha - Time & Space

podcast Mar 16, 2022

In this episode, Jhaimy shares the Andean wisdom of Pacha – time and space; “…two beautiful vibrations that move together”, with a focus on how we experience time. Today, we commonly view the past as behind us, and the future as being ahead of us. However, in Andean traditions, the future lives behind us, unseen and unknown. The past, on the other hand, is seen as in front of us; it is what we must face, learn from, and walk through each day. When we see our past in front of us and learn to witness, embrace, and learn from our patterns, then we will have the insight to make better choices and create a more peaceful, harmonious life.

Quotes: :

“One of my elders said something beautiful. ‘Study your past, and in this way, you’re going to live a better present and call a better future’. And maybe this is a big medicine.”

“When you are in peace with you, everything is fantastic. Everything’s going to be OK, because you’re already finding the medicine that your heart needs to navigate this human existence, and this is everything that we need.”



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