Episode 18 - Plant Master Medicine Part 2 – Honouring Intentions and Traditions

podcast Jun 09, 2022


In this episode, Jhaimy goes deeper into our unique relationships with Master Plants and how our intentions can impact our experiences. When connecting with Master Plants, we must honour and learn from the Indigenous people who know these plants and respect the traditions that have been formed over thousands of years. By acknowledging our responsibilities and opening our hearts to greet these Masters with reverence, they are then more able to open their world to receive us. 


“My motivation is to try to be free of my own fears.”

Be responsible. Remember that exists one society that worked thousands of thousands of years to protect - to be the warriors - of this tradition. And if you want to learn, first, be a good helper. Not just for a month. Not just for one ceremony. Be a good helper for life. Because this is what’s going to help you to receive the blessings that exists in the medicine journey.”

“To interpret the experience, you need to learn the language of the medicine, and the language of the medicine comes with the idea of learning about traditions.”


Want to hear Part 1? Go listen to Episode 5 - Working with Medicine/Master plants begins with the Relationship


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