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Do you feel the call to...


  • Dedicate more time and space to your sacred learning and sacred work
  • Cultivate more harmony and joy in your life
  • Connect with the wisdom of your Sacred Heart 
  • Deepen your personal path of healing & transformation
  • Discover and empower your connection to the Andean Mesa 
  • Learn, grow and celebrate in community 

Join us as we weave together the Traditional Andean Mesa Teachings with the ancient knowledge of harmonizing the Serpent (mind), Puma (body), and Condor (soul).

This specialized journey of experiential study is here to serve your path of being in right-relationship, reverence, and responsibility.

Our monthly curated curriculum is dedicated to your personal growth and empowerment while remembering to walk in a good way with all of your relations.



Yachay Wasi is a sacred home of learning, teaching, knowing, and understanding. It is also a path of acceptance of yourself and your unique place within the Universe. It is an inspiring and significant place for those called to deepen into the Andean Wisdom Teachings by travelling the sacred path of the Mesa in community.



All monthly offerings are intended to empower your personal journey of transformation through:

  • LIVE online monthly meetings (Sacred Learning Circles)
  • Spiritual Tools, Ritual and meditation practices
  • Workshops and Retreats in foundational teachings including topics such as: the Andean Cosmo-Vision, Sacred Tools and Ritual, the History of the Mesa, Serpent-Puma-Condor, Four Elements, The Four Suyus, Yanatin-Masintin, protection, transformation and transmutation.
  • Retreats for Mesa carriers and advanced teachings of: the Altar and Varra, K'uychi - the Sacred Rainbow, Alchemy, Chakana, Kapaq Ñan (Fair Path) and Checaq Ñan (True Path)

Yachay Wasi is also the spiritual home of our Ayllu Kallpa community who are heart-centered individuals from around the world committed to Yachay (sacred learning) and Llanquay (sacred work) together.

Yachay Wasi is ever-dynamic and always living, growing, and evolving through a rich remembering of our sacred heart and practicing our spiritual path.

Registration for New Members is now open.

Your Membership Includes

12 months of Andean Wisdom Teachings


✔ Sacred Learning Circle: LIVE online at 7pm PST on the 11th of each month. These monthly empowerment teachings are grounded in the multifaceted understanding of the Andean Wisdom teachings including the Mesa path. 

✔ Andean Wisdom & Practice: To enhance your personal journey Jhaimy will give additional support through sacred activities, tools, or guided meditations


Ayni Gifts:

✔ Andean Suyu (Four Elements) Group Mentorship - Quarterly teachings for the Solstices and Equinoxes

✔ Aura Protection Guided Meditation (MP3 and PDF)

✔ Special Bonus Gifts celebrating the essence of the Llama and being In Service of Love


Online Portal:

✔ As a current member, you receive access to a private online Members Portal which includes the library of recordings and tools for all monthly offerings and practices 


Members-Only Pricing:

✔ Extra Discounts for general public courses, events, and personal healing work which vary according to the level of engagement you choose


Special Bonuses:

✔ New Members receive special bonus access to 12 Sacred Learning Circle Recordings from our 2021 curriculum and an additional 10 Andean Practices, Meditations & Spiritual Tools from our member's library such as:

• The Spirit of Yachay Wasi
Sacred Fire of Love
Call Yourself Back Part 1 & Part 2
Purifying Your Mind & Heart
Moon Teachings
Four Essential Spiritual Tools
• Quechua Prayer
• and more...


Have more questions? Visit our FAQ section below

Choose your Level of Engagement

New Members begin with a 12-month commitment.
After 12 months it will shift to a monthly auto-renew.

Time & Space

pronounced: PA-cha

12 months of Andean Wisdom
PLUS 10% Discount on:
  • C7Rays Online Classes
  • Ayllu Kallpa Workshops
  • Mesa Workshops
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Snakes of the Rainbow

pronounced: Koo-EE-Chi

12 months of Andean Wisdom
PLUS 20% Discount on:
  • C7Rays Online Classes
  • Ayllu Kallpa Workshops
  • Mesa Workshops
  • Mesa Retreats
  • Coca-Leaf Readings (Distance)
  • Spiritual Guidance Sessions (Distance or In-Person)
  • Personal Healing Sessions (Distance or In-Person)
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Morning Star of Venus

pronounced: KOOL-yur

12 months of Andean Wisdom
PLUS 50% Discount on:
  • C7Rays Online Classes
  • Ayllu Kallpa Workshops
  • Mesa Workshops
  • Mesa Retreats
  • Coca-Leaf Readings (Distance)
  • Personal Healing Sessions (Distance or In-Person - limit of 12​​)
  • BONUS GIFT Six Complimentary Spiritual Guidance Sessions for empowerment, self-expansion and transformation (Distance or In-Person)
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New Members who choose K'UYCHI or Q'OYLLOR can choose to Pay In Full for all 12 months and will receive a $100 C7R Gift Voucher as appreciation. Please email us to arrange payment at  [email protected]

"Our Mesa and our relationship to Mother Earth
teaches us about our own nature,
and to explore our internal world of freedom,
harmony and balance"

~ Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta


Frequently Asked Questions


"Nothing Goes One Way"
~ Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta
In addition to everything you personally receive during the year of membership, a portion of your fees also goes towards our Yachay Wasi Bursary Program to support Ayllu Kallpa Members who may need financial assistance.
We realize that each person has a unique set of circumstances. If cost is a barrier to you registering for Yachay Wasi at this time, you can apply to access our bursary funding to help support you.
Please contact us at: [email protected] for more information.


By registering for this membership you agree to pay 12 monthly payments at the level of engagement you chose to sign up with. Payment will be automatically processed each month and includes 5% GST. After your 12-month commitment is complete, your membership will auto-renew and will continue on a monthly basis unless you contact us to change or to cancel your membership with a minimum of one month's notice. This is a non-refundable membership with no refunds or credits. If your monthly payment is 45 days overdue your Membership access will be revoked until payment is made.