Episode 15 - Walking the Path of Living in a Good Way (Allin Kausay)

podcast Apr 28, 2022

In this episode, Jhaimy describes the Andean vibration of the Allin Kausay (living in a good way), and how it compares to typical human patterns which may be more commonly associated with a difficult way of living. He offers guidance for healing our hearts, and our world, through awareness and appreciation of the gifts that Mother Earth and the Cosmos provide us with every day. We are reminded to walk on our paths gently, humbly, and with compassion for others along the way, and when in doubt – pray, sing, and connect with the roots of life.   LISTEN NOW



“Maybe you don’t need to know.  Maybe just trust. Have faith in the eyes of your feet. Let your feet guide you, on your path back home.” 

“Be humble. Remember that sometimes you made the same mistakes.”


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