Episode 28: Embracing the Cyclical Nature of Time in the Andean Tradition

podcast Apr 18, 2024

In this episode, Jhaimy shares about the concept of time being cyclical rather than linear and how this perspective influences our lives.

He discusses the impact of viewing the Past with hope and cultivating the Future without attachment.

The cyclical perception allows us to move through our lives while nurturing the child within and the future self simultaneously.

Understanding time as cyclical enables a deeper connection with oneself and the unfolding of life's experiences.




"The Future is Behind you, and the Past is in Front of you"


"What if you looked at your past with a feeling of Hope, that you learned something and hold understanding from there ... and that it can bring more clarity to your present and future"


"Study your past, but don't bring feelings there or create attachments. Feel hopeful so you can live a better present and call a better future."



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