Episode 27: Navigating the Rainbow: A Journey into Spirituality

podcast Apr 03, 2024


In this episode, Jhaimy shares about how you can support the spiritual world and have a potent spiritual practice to support those who have transitioned in life and in humanity.

He also shares about the mission of humanity and how to live in the rainbow, rather than in the extremes of black and white. He explores having different perspectives on life and appreciating the diverse realities within the human experience. He invites you to be a space of honour, prayer and gratitude as a powerful gift for all of us.

This message encourages a gentle navigation of life's complexities and acknowledges the reciprocal relationship between humans and spirits.


"Now is the time for humanity to hold the spiritual world."


"The Ancestors need us. The spirits need us."


"We live in the rainbow, the seven colours, the seven realities."


"Gratitude is one of the most beautiful gifts that humanity has."


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Episode 26: Everyone is a Teacher: The Beauty of Learning

podcast Mar 21, 2024



In this episode, Jhaimy discusses the importance of recognizing that everyone has something to teach and something to learn. He reflects on the misconception of knowing everything in youth and the humility that comes with experience.

Jhaimy also shares more about his personal journey with his Elders and explains to simply be who you are and share your heart and that this is the best way you can inspire others. He speaks of seeing life as beautiful, not necessarily easy, and encourages you to embrace the journey with excitement and happiness for the lessons learned.



“Every single person is their own Master. A Master in their own life. To be a Master in your life is to take responsibility for your life.”


“Life is not so easy but it is always beautiful.”


“Everyone has something to teach, and something to learn.”


“We need to open our hearts and share who we are.”



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Episode 25: Reflecting on the past 20 years of Community

podcast Mar 06, 2024



Jhaimy reflects on nearly 20 years of leading community within C7Rays and our spiritual family of Ayllu Kallpa. He shares insights on the diverse transformations he has witnessed in other people's lives. He expresses deep gratitude for the community's growth, highlighting the shared journey and the beauty of working together. The mission is defined as helping people continue their life journey, offering support, and creating a sense of family for those who may feel internally alone.



"Whatever we try to do, we always try to do with so much Love."


"Life continues. You continue. You need to continue standing up and moving, and continue walking. Learn from what is happening."


“Our main mission in 20 years is to help people to walk. And when we see the transformation, the only thing that is possible to do is smile and say thank you."


"Working and walking together is more enjoyable than just walking through life on your...

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Episode 24: The Essence of Yachay Wasi

podcast Feb 21, 2024


In this episode, Jhaimy is asked about the essence of Yachay Wasi, the vibration that it holds and why it is a House of Sacred Learning for us and for the community. He explores the importance of learning in everyday life and how community is key to understanding and addressing shared experiences and emotions. He speaks of self reflection and learning from our mistakes to create better realities for ourselves.




“ To learn is always a privilege. I don't know if people are really aware of this power.”


“Without fear, look at your internal world.”


“Every single human being is all one world and is all one process.” 


“You are a temple of sacred learning. Your life, your body, it’s all one temple.” 


“My mission, my journey is to help people see things with their own eyes.” 

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Episode 23: Every Day is a Ceremony

podcast Feb 14, 2024


In this short yet powerful episode Jhaimy discusses the Andean teaching that views every day as a ceremony, emphasizing two interconnected realities. He talks about the meaning of external and internal ceremonies and the importance of recognizing your relationship with all that is. Peace is a strong theme in this episode and how to navigate both pleasant and challenging aspects of life, allowing harmony to flow within and around yourself.


"A ceremony is when you do something in a sacred way, when you sacralize some kind of activity."

"When you sacralize your activities, you are honouring the existence and the relation that exists between what you know and what you don't know."

"If you have a beautiful attitude, everything is going to work in perfect harmony for you.”

“In work and in nature, everything is in relation to us.”


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Episode 22: The Meaning of Children of the 7 Rays

podcast Feb 08, 2024



To celebrate the launch of Season 3, Jhaimy discusses the significance of the name "Children of the 7 Rays” and its connection to the rainbow, representing diversity and unity. He explores the concepts of light and dark frequencies and the path of living in between the two. Before the recording, Jhaimy was asked how the essence of Children of the 7 Rays could support someone in their day to day living. He answers this question in the episode and highlights the importance of choice and taking responsibility in one’s life. 


“The Sun of Suns, the Creation, the Creator, the place where all life emerges, from here we recognize that we are all coming from the same light, but we have different colours and different realities.” 


“Every single person is unique.”


“The dark and the light are the same light, just different frequencies.” 


“What is our space? What is our place in...

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Episode 21: Harmonizing the Three Realities Within

podcast Feb 02, 2024



In this episode, Jhaimy focuses on harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit within the context of the Andean traditions. Jhaimy emphasizes the importance of recognizing and respecting the unique qualities of each realm—mental, physical, and spiritual. He delves into the idea that true power lies in the harmony of these three dimensions, encouraging listeners to appreciate their own unique perceptions and learnings in each reality. Ultimately, the episode encourages acceptance, exploration, and a positive attitude in navigating the complexities of this multi-dimensional human experience.




"Your perception in each world is unique, so is your perception about each of these realities."


"The real power is to have the capacity to feel Mother Earth and to experience and to walk in this reality."


"Life is simple, but really complex in one point. I love to stay with the simplicity and try to be present, feeling free, and always try to...

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Episode 20: Understanding Boundaries from the Andean Perspective

podcast Jul 07, 2022


In this episode Jhaimy reflects on a question that he often gets asked during his personal sessions...how to set up personal boundaries? He shares his perspective and the teachings of his Elders about this concept and how to implement 3 specific steps to create boundaries. He also describes a powerful mantra that can be used when you find yourself in difficult situations. A key teaching from this episode is the importance of finding balance in your life and that this is perhaps the most important medicine when creating boundaries.



"To bring medicine into all of your relations and principally to your relationship with you which is the most important one."

"Your balance is the most important thing in your life."

"Creating boundaries in life means being in balance with yourself."

"If you digest this process in harmony, you will bring this harmony to the situation and to the people that you love.”

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Episode 19 - Relationship to Self, to Others and to the Cosmos

podcast Jun 29, 2022



In this episode Jhaimy reflects on the times that we are living in and how his Elders share that one of the biggest challenges right now for humanity is how to be in relationship with ourselves and with others. This translates into how we are then with our relationship to the Cosmos and to Mother Earth.

He shares how the two Andean principles of Munay (Sweetness, Beauty, Love and Magic) and Ayni (relationship) can support the cultivation of healthy relationships with self and with others and the importance of "how you feel" more than "how you think" as being medicine.

He also shares teachings connected to the difference between rights and responsibilities as well as why he believes in the importance of respect more than tolerance.


It is not the words that you say but the way that you feel in the moment that you say something, there is the medicine, there is where we need to give our attention.”

"We are really busy as humanity...

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Episode 18 - Plant Master Medicine Part 2 – Honouring Intentions and Traditions

podcast Jun 09, 2022


In this episode, Jhaimy goes deeper into our unique relationships with Master Plants and how our intentions can impact our experiences. When connecting with Master Plants, we must honour and learn from the Indigenous people who know these plants and respect the traditions that have been formed over thousands of years. By acknowledging our responsibilities and opening our hearts to greet these Masters with reverence, they are then more able to open their world to receive us. 


“My motivation is to try to be free of my own fears.”

Be responsible. Remember that exists one society that worked thousands of thousands of years to protect - to be the warriors - of this tradition. And if you want to learn, first, be a good helper. Not just for a month. Not just for one ceremony. Be a good helper for life. Because this is what’s going to help you to receive the blessings that exists in the medicine journey.”

“To interpret the experience,...

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