Episode 20: Understanding Boundaries from the Andean Perspective

podcast Jul 07, 2022


In this episode Jhaimy reflects on a question that he often gets asked during his personal sessions...how to set up personal boundaries? He shares his perspective and the teachings of his Elders about this concept and how to implement 3 specific steps to create boundaries. He also describes a powerful mantra that can be used when you find yourself in difficult situations. A key teaching from this episode is the importance of finding balance in your life and that this is perhaps the most important medicine when creating boundaries.



"To bring medicine into all of your relations and principally to your relationship with you which is the most important one."

"Your balance is the most important thing in your life."

"Creating boundaries in life means being in balance with yourself."

"If you digest this process in harmony, you will bring this harmony to the situation and to the people that you love.”


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