Episode 30: Honouring Mother Earth: The Sacred Practice of Offerings

podcast May 14, 2024


In this episode, we dive into the Andean tradition's beautiful way of connecting with Mother Earth.

Jhaimy shares the heartwarming practice of making offerings to honour and build relationships with our environment. Describing it as a simple yet profound ceremony, the episode highlights how these offerings help co-create realities and recognize the life present in everything on Mother Earth.

It's a touching exploration of gratitude, connection, and the magic that happens when we treat nature as a dear friend and sacred ally.



“For the ancestors in the Andean traditions, it's really important to honor our home, our environment, and where we live.”


“One of the most beautiful ways to honour Mother Earth is to create an offering for her.”


“Mother Earth loves the sweetness and when you give some kind of sweet vibration or energy to her.”


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