Episode 11 - Ñyo Kan Kani: Building a Sacred Relationship with the Self

podcast Mar 02, 2022

In this episode, Jhaimy introduces the Andean concept of Ñyo Kan Kani (I Am Me). He shares that one of the main sicknesses for humanity today is the need for “understanding”. Ñyo Kan Kani is not simply understanding yourself, but it is an action; a relationship that goes beyond knowing yourself and looks deeper at how you act in relationship with yourself, and how you hold yourself in this relationship. While we may not have the capacity to understand ourselves, or our full reality, we can accept that we exist and respect who we are – I Am Me. This relationship with ourselves, between I and Me, then leads us to a greater ability to live in harmony with the “we”. 


“Who are we to understand everything? Accept - And when you accept that you exist, when you accept your Ñyo Kan Kani – or that I am me - you are beginning to create a relationship between me and I.”

“When you live in a beautiful relationship with you, you have the way to create beautiful relationships with the others; internally and externally, in macro and in micro, in the physical form, and in the spiritual form.”


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