Episode 22: The Meaning of Children of the 7 Rays

podcast Feb 08, 2024



To celebrate the launch of Season 3, Jhaimy discusses the significance of the name "Children of the 7 Rays” and its connection to the rainbow, representing diversity and unity. He explores the concepts of light and dark frequencies and the path of living in between the two. Before the recording, Jhaimy was asked how the essence of Children of the 7 Rays could support someone in their day to day living. He answers this question in the episode and highlights the importance of choice and taking responsibility in one’s life. 


“The Sun of Suns, the Creation, the Creator, the place where all life emerges, from here we recognize that we are all coming from the same light, but we have different colours and different realities.” 


“Every single person is unique.”


“The dark and the light are the same light, just different frequencies.” 


“What is our space? What is our place in this reality? We either live in one extreme or the other, or in the middle.”


“Everyone needs to choose, everyone needs to walk their own path and be responsible for the steps they take in life."



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