Episode 24: The Essence of Yachay Wasi

podcast Feb 21, 2024


In this episode, Jhaimy is asked about the essence of Yachay Wasi, the vibration that it holds and why it is a House of Sacred Learning for us and for the community. He explores the importance of learning in everyday life and how community is key to understanding and addressing shared experiences and emotions. He speaks of self reflection and learning from our mistakes to create better realities for ourselves.




“ To learn is always a privilege. I don't know if people are really aware of this power.”


“Without fear, look at your internal world.”


“Every single human being is all one world and is all one process.” 


“You are a temple of sacred learning. Your life, your body, it’s all one temple.” 


“My mission, my journey is to help people see things with their own eyes.” 


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