Episode 5 - Working with Medicine/Master plants begins with the relationship...

As a Traditional Curandero who has walked the path of working with plant masters for over 30 years Jhaimy is often asked about Plant Medicine and how to begin the first steps of establishing this relationship. In this episode Jhaimy shares how creating a strong relationship with a Master Plant is the most important part of first connecting with the Spirit of the plant, even more important than the ceremony itself. What quality of relationship, or Ayni (right-relationship) are we establishing through our intention of coming to be with the medicine? Jhaimy shares valuable teachings and protocols when approaching working with Plant Masters from a place of reverence and humility.


“When you have a strong connection with the medicine you realize that it is not just a simple plant, but a Spirit that comes into your life to guide you, support you and protect you.”


“The medicine plants teach you how to be the best human that it is possible to be.”


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