Episode 8 - Illusions and the Feeling of Separation

In this episode Jhaimy shares Andean teachings as connected to the concept of Illusions and feelings of separation. He offers wisdom from his Elders and from his personal path that will support listeners in better understanding how this energy works in our lives and how it can be transformed.

“We don’t need to seek anything outside, maybe what we need to do is to look deep within ourselves.”

“Share your essence, share who you are, share your heart.”

“Whatever I do for me, immediately I do for humanity. First for my family, second for my community and third for all the humanity. And fourth, for nature, for Mother Earth and for the Cosmos. It is something we forget because of our feelings of separation.”

“If you are clear in your process, if you find clarity, you will create a healthy relationship with everyone and everything around you.”

“Remember that life is simple but complex in the same moment. And that maybe when you find these small moments of joy, really enjoy life because this is the mission of how we are here in this reality, to enjoy life.”



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