Episode 2- The Andean Cosmo-vision

podcast Jul 20, 2021

 Heart of the Condor

Episode 2 - The Andean Cosmo-vision

In this episode Jhaimy shares the key elements of the Andean Cosmo-vision and Worldview. He explains how the Andean people perceive God as Mother/Father God and balance this parity as well as the relationship between Mother Earth and the Cosmos. He also discusses Pacha -Time and Space and the beginning of the Universe and different aspects of feminine and masculine energies and how these are woven together.

Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta is a Traditional Curandero (healer) from Cusco, Peru who is committed to empowering individuals on their spiritual path to become the best version of themselves through connecting deeply with their heart while being grounded in Mother Earth and connected to the Cosmos.

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