Episode 7 - The Legend of Ikari: Finding the Return of the Light Within

This episode was first shared as a FB Live sharing with Jhaimy in our Children of the Seven Rays Community.

In this episode Jhaimy shares the legend of the Inkari in the Andes and how we can learn from this traditional story and teachings for the monumental times that we are living in today. He further reflects on how we can re-generate and re-build ourselves through empowering the seed of life within.

“The process of regeneration is not an easy journey but it is powerful and beautiful in the end.”

“The question is how do we want to re-create ourselves and to come back? Do we want to regenerate ourselves with fear and frustration or with illumination and principally with compassion and live.”

“There are many things that are happening around us right now that are not easy to digest but do not focus there, focus in your own life and bring back this light.”

“This light needs to be gentle, needs to be in harmony, but principally from peace.”

“Anger, Fear and Sadness is not a good space to make choices…making choices needs to come from the vibration of Munay - beauty, joy, sweetness and magic.”

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