Welcome to Children of the Seven Rays...

Our mission is to honour the sacred wisdom teachings of the Andes while sharing these traditions with reverence, humility and passion. We are committed to supporting humanity in becoming the best human beings we can be during these monumental times of transformation on our planet and we embrace this through the teachings of Ayni and being "in the service of love". We value the importance of honouring a deep connection to Mother Earth, to each other and to our Ancestors while creating a beautiful legacy for future generations.

“One seed is always the promise of a forest.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are committed to building strong and ongoing community links between the North and the South (the people of the Eagle and the people of the Condor), and aspire to learn more about one another through the sharing of our cultures, traditions, and the essence of who we truly are.

“The parity of a clear relationship/partnership between the Yanantin-Masintin provides a key to the transformation of the human consciousness.” - Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta

Through our community-based events we offer experiential workshops, retreats and presentations celebrating and honouring traditional Wisdom teachings and knowledge keepers.

One of our greatest passions is to be able to offer "once-in-a-lifetime" Journeys to Peru for both individuals and groups including an annual "Pilgrimage to Peru" with a strong focus on personal transformation, spiritual growth, cultural experiences, and community engagement through service. We are proud to offer our journeys in partnership with T.A.M Tours Peru based in Cusco, Peru.

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