Episode 10 - What is Love? And how is it connected to the teachings of Munay

In this episode Jhaimy reflects on the meaning of love and how as human beings we are always in search of this seemingly abstract idea. He shares that in the Andes there is a Quechua word - Munay - which is one of the Seven Andean Principles that embraces the energy of sweetness, beauty, love and magic in the same moment. He explains how each of these aspects of Munay provides a step to enter into the doorway to experience this energy in its fullness.

"In the Andean tradition love is one step that we need to walk in our way of finding and expressing Munay.”

“Munay is such a big and beautiful medicine that teaches us how to embrace in a beautiful way everything, or all our relations, in the conscious and unconscious way.”

“Munay is an energy that moves in four steps. These four steps are four different realities or windows, doors that bring communion. The union of all of the different parts, pieces, realities of your life. And it also brings communion to all of your relations around you. Human, animals, nature.”

“Sweetness, Beauty, Love and Magic. These four steps hold each other. Walking together. Working together.”

“Munay is a power, a responsibility, an energy that grows inside of us and that we need to cultivate in our hearts and in our day to day. This brings a lot of medicine and healing for ourselves and for the others.”

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