A 5 day Intentional Experience

February 7 - 11, 2023


We invite you to join Jhaimy and C7Rays for this focused, grounded, and transformative practice which will take place LIVE over 5 days within a community of heart-centred folks from around the world.

Weaving Andean Wisdom Teachings, Healing, Ritual, Meditation, and Intentional Practice this will balance, harmonize, and empower your inner nature for a beautiful season ahead.

The Andean Wisdom Teachings and understanding of working with the Four Elements gives you a powerful tool to transform and expand your life in beautiful ways. Working with the natural laws of nature allows for an abundant flow and grace to come into each day, embracing your personal connection to the Four Elements in a magical and profound way.


This experience is a very special time of potent energetic transmissions as Jhaimy joins us live each day from Peru to share the Elemental Wisdom Teachings and tunes in to the Andes at key energetic Portals including the:
Temple of CHAVIN
Temple of PAITITI 

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Andean Wisdom Teachings & Energetic Healing

During our time together we experience the gift of Jhaimy connecting us to some of the most powerful energetic healing temples in the Andes including the Temples of Tiawanaku, Pachacamac, Chavin & Paititi. He will share how these sacred places connect us specifically to an Element that can guide us more deeply in our life to help us harmonize, heal,empower and balance our mind, body and soul.

Daily Energy Transmissions, Rituals, Meditations & Personal Practices + Surprise Gifts to Celebrate!

Supportive and practical tools of transformation and empowerment that can be applied and practiced right away during our 5-days together and beyond. Includes guided meditations, rituals, breathwork, workbooks and musical medicine playlist. We will also have special prize-draws for those who attend the daily live zoom circles!

The Power and Potency of Community Supporting One Another

While we can certainly do this work on our own it's so much more powerful, expansive, and fun to do it together! Join heart-centred people from around the world in setting your personal intention as it is witnessed, held, and empowered by the collective energy of our community. We do this sacred work for ourselves, and for the ripple effect that supports our families, communities, and the world.

Your Elemental Nature

Each day Jhaimy will bring you on a transformational experience with one of the Four Elements that will enhance and empower your mind, body and soul. 


Creation / Re-creation

The element of Earth teaches us to embrace the energy of creation and re-creation.  Reminding us that there is always an abundance of creation being produced in each moment of each day.

Connecting to the Temple of Tiawanaku


Cleansing / Purity

The element of Water allows us to understand the power of cleansing and of purity.  Embracing the energy of Water allows for more clarity and flow in our lives.

Connecting to the Temple of Pachacamac


Expansion / Freedom

The element of Air brings expansion and freedom to our existence.  Allowing us to expand our vision and awareness in greater ways.

Connecting to the Temple of Chavin


Transform / Transmute

The element of Fire has the power to transform and transmute everything. To harness the energy of alchemical transformation.

Connecting to the Temple of Paititi

What you will receive:

  • DAILY LIVES on Zoom to connect with the Element, its energetics and its potential. Daily Lives are held at 2pm PST / 5pm EST
  • Andean Wisdom Teachings to live in harmony with Mother Earth passed down by the Elders & Masters in Peru since time immemorial
  • Guided Meditations and Spiritual Practices
  • Traditional practices and rituals that you can do at home in a personal and meaningful way to honour your inner nature
  • LIVE Closing Circle and Community Sharing
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can connect with the larger community, set intentions together, share insights, and feel supported in your unique journey during the experience
  • BONUS GIFTS (see below)
  • PLUS entry to win one of the DAILY PRIZES (see below)

This is a special Community offer of $42 CAD to participate in this beautiful 5-day experience

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  • Video streaming of all LIVE zoom gatherings (accessible to view until February 28th)
  • Recordings of the Guided Meditations that can be downloaded to your device (MP3)
  • Personal Four Element Workbook to ground and empower your experience and bring clarity and focus to your intentions and reflections (PDF)
  • A Guide to Creating Your Personal Sacred Space with the Four Elements (PDF)
  • A private Forum community to share your experience and celebrate others (accessible until February 17th)
  • Musical Medicine Playlist



In the Andes being in community is also a celebration of our collective empowerment so we will be having a draw for daily prizes for those who attend the LIVE zoom events!

The special gifts drawn during this experience are:

In the spirit of love and the expansion of our incredible community we have a special welcome offer of $42 to participate for the full 5-days

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Our detailed schedule:

While we encourage attending live each day to be in the power of community, you will also receive daily emails with recordings & practices.
Join us LIVE on zoom each day to be eligible to WIN our daily prize draw!
Daily Lives on zoom are held at 2pm PST / 5pm EST
  • LIVE Welcome Gathering & Earth Element Circle
  • Ritual #1 shared by Jhaimy focused on Creation & Re-creation
  • Guided Meditation (mp3) 
  • LIVE Water Element Circle
  • Ritual #2 shared by Jhaimy focused on Cleansing & Purity
  • LIVE Air Element Circle
  • Ritual #3 shared by Jhaimy focused on Expansion & Freedom
  • LIVE Fire Element Circle
  • Ritual #4 shared by Jhaimy focused on Transforming & Transmuting
  • LIVE Closing Circle and Community Sharing
  • Ritual #5 shared by Jhaimy focused on Your Inner Nature
  • Guided Meditation (mp3) 
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Coming together in community to empower our Nature under the transformative energy of the Four Elements; connected to the Temples & the Apus of the Andes.


If you are feeling called to join us, we would love to have you with us!


In Munay,

Starr, Jhaimy and Martine