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Healing Meditations



Andean Healing Meditations
to transform and empower your life

In the Andean cosmo-vision, we have seven different ways to look at life, and each one relates to a different Snake of the Rainbow. Each coloured snake has its own philosophical school; its own universe of wisdom, and way of understanding your inner and outer world. Every colour holds a unique frequency and healing energy to support you in the transformation and empowerment of mind, body and soul.


Andean Healing Meditations
embracing the eight sacred colours to
transform and empower your life

In the Andean cosmo-vision, we have seven different ways to look at life, and each one relates to a different Snake of the rainbow. Each coloured snake has its own philosophical school; its own universe of wisdom, and way of understanding your inner and outer world. And each one holds a unique frequency and healing energy that supports you in transformation, transmutation, and empowerment of mind, body and soul.

This is for you if you desire:

  • A spiritual healing tool and ceremonial ritual for your daily life
  • To feel more grounded, centered, and connected
  • To connect and deepen your understanding of the Andean Cosmo-Vision and how to live within the rainbow
  • To work with the rainbow energy and have a direct healing experience through living and embodying these sacred teachings
  • To find a simple, yet profound way to connect deeply with Mother Nature and the essence of your Sacred Heart




Inti Churincuna Canchis Illa

Translates to the Children of the Seven Rays of the Sun. It embraces all of the colours of the rainbow including the balance of black and white and is grounded in Mother Earth and to the Sacred Temples in the Andes. It is a portal to the star-energy of the Cosmos and it is a path that supports you in liberation and finding a peaceful and centered place within your own Sacred Heart.

These eight meditations are direct Healing Transmissions guided by Traditional Curandero Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta from Cusco, Peru.

Ever-evolving, dynamic, and fluid, they can be listened to at any time or you can select a colour based on an area of your life that you feel you need more support with.

Each meditation has a unique soundscape that complements and inspires the colour vibration, healing intention, and recalibration of your personal frequency.

Original soundscapes are composed by Edgardo Moreno.

What's Included in the Full Package:

  • Eight Andean Healing Colour Meditations
    Includes the colours Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and BONUS Black and White vibrations. Download these Audio Meditations (MP3) to your personal device to listen to as part of your daily spiritual practice, as a guide for your personal healing work or while deepening your connection to nature
  • BONUS Vibrational Rainbow Guidance
    This will enhance your Andean Wisdom colour knowledge and help you journey through the unique vibrations that support your healing path (PDF)
  • BONUS Vibrational Rainbow Activations
    Download these Image Activations for your desktop or phone background to support your vibrational connection to the Andean temples and healing energy
  • BONUS Guide to Preparing Your Sacred Space for Meditation
    Implement key elements to prepare your physical space and enhance your spiritual practice (PDF)

Andean Colour Wisdom

Each guided colour meditation is a healing and transformative experience that can be used as a powerful spiritual tool to assist in grounding, connecting, and centering you in your day. Each colour ray has specific healing properties, intentions, and activations woven within, and can be selected according to your individual needs or desires at any given moment.

BLACK  helps to call forward Freedom and Absolute Protection through a powerful connection to the wisdom of the Ancestors and to the stars.

WHITE  brings Clarity and Purity to the moment and situation. A place to let go of any confusion or uncertainties (both conscious and unconscious) and allow yourself to be surrounded in pure light to illuminate and purify every aspect of yourself.

RED  connects you with the energy of Love and to be held by the Sacred Fire of Love. To be surrounded by all of those who you really love, and who are important to you, including yourself.

Orange  empowers you to feel a sense of Peace. To allow yourself to release and let go through the cleansing of your heart and your mind.

YELLOW  brings Clarity into the moment. Connecting deeply to Father Sun and the male-energy that guides you, gives you direction, and clarifies your next step to take.

GREEN  provides a deep Healing of mind, body, soul. A space of regeneration and reconnection with nature, both inside and outside of you through the healing energy of Grandmother medicine.

BLUE  gifts you a beautiful garden full of Joy, Love, and Happiness where Mother Earth provides you with all of the beautiful things needed in order to grow and thrive.

PURPLE  is a Transformative, Sacred, and Magical space. Allow your limitations to be transmuted into beautiful blessings. 

Ceremonies from the K'uychi
Full Package of 8 Healing Meditations


One-time Payment

  • Eight Guided Healing Meditations (MP3) 
  • BONUS Vibrational Rainbow Guidance (PDF)
  • BONUS Vibrational Rainbow Activations (images for desktop or phone)
  • BONUS Guide to Preparing Your Sacred Space for Meditation (PDF)
  • Yachay Wasi Members special pricing applicable

Do you only want to focus on one colour?

Choose to purchase your Individual Healing Colour below 

$30 per colour

Downloadable MP3 recording of one selected colour only

Yachay Wasi Members special pricing applicable

* Please note: BLACK and WHITE Meditations, and ALL BONUSES are only available when purchased as part of the complete package

Connect with the energy of love and be held by the sacred fire of love

Feel a sense of peace while releasing and cleansing heart and mind

Bring clarity into the moment and in connection to Father Sun

A deep healing of mind, body, soul to regenerate and reconnect to nature

A garden full of joy, love, and happiness in connection with Mother Earth

A transformative, sacred and magical space of beautiful blessings


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