Personal Healing & Spiritual Guidance


A gifted traditional Curandero and spiritual guide, who has been practicing this form of healing for over 30 years, Jhaimy works with individuals and communities around the world.  His values and principles are guided by his Elders and Masters, and his healing work embraces traditional forms of Andean healing passed through his lineage since time immemorial.

Each experience is highly personalized and tailored to the individual needs of each person and is intended to bring about a feeling of calm and peace so that your body’s natural ability to heal and integrate can be activated and fully realized.

The different types of personalized healing and empowerment work that Jhaimy currently offers are:

  • Personal 1:1 Healing Sessions
  • Spiritual Guidance 1:1 Sessions

Please note that Jhaimy is no longer accepting new clients at this time. If you have questions please email us

Experience ancient Andean techniques used for cleansing, healing and re-balancing the subtle energies through the integration of the subconscious and conscious minds.  Jhaimy provides a safe and supportive space for you to be able to “call yourself back” and feel more grounded, integrated and empowered through the re-calibration of your central nervous system as well as the balancing of your 3 bodies - Mind, Body and Soul. This will support you to experience freedom from limitations or past traumas and is intended to bring about a deeper connection with your heart so that you can live more fully in the present moment. Each 75 minute session consists of a personal consultation followed by integrated body and energy work to support your personal healing journey.

In-Person in North Vancouver, BC or Distance via Zoom

A time to receive insight and perspective from both a spiritual viewpoint and practical “next steps” where you can confidently move in the direction that will best support your personal empowerment. As Jhaimy always shares “faith without action is not faith” and as such, these Guidance Sessions are intended to provide you with that extra support and clarity needed to move forward in your life with beautiful insights to incorporate, and tools to integrate your experience.

In-Person in North Vancouver, BC or Distance via Zoom