Andean Wisdom


Andean Wisdom


Andean Wisdom from the Heart

Indigenous Wisdom Teachings can provide a larger context and worldview from which to see our lives and in relationship to all that is happening around us. They offer a blueprint and container from which to navigate our world, both internally and externally, through the understanding of the micro and the macro.


As a Traditional Andean Wisdomkeeper, Jhaimy carries teachings that have been passed down from his Elders and Ancestors since time immemorial. As a teacher and guide, he generously offers this wisdom in a grounded, focused, and heart-centered way.

We are committed to holding a space where each person in the circle is able to experience the Andean Wisdom Teachings alongside practical tools that will nurture feelings of being centred, connected, clear and empowered during these monumental times that we are living in.


Four Elements Retreat - Hollyhock (Cortes Island, BC)

Weaving together Andean Wisdom Teachings, Ritual, Healing Meditation, and Intentional Practice, this 5-day retreat will provide you with powerful tools to transform and expand your life in beautiful ways. Working with the laws of nature allows for an abundant flow and grace to come into each day.

This retreat is an invitation to embrace your personal connection to the four elements to bring balance, harmony and empowerment to your life in a magical and profound way.

Each of the elements holds a specific vibration and healing quality. When we listen deeply and allow ourselves to open to the unique teacher that each Element is we find pathways towards creating a stronger relationship to self, to Mother Nature and to all our relations.

No previous experience necessary, all are welcome.

August 20 - 25, 2023

Book before May 21st and receive 10% off campus rates


Andean Mesa Path

The Mesa is an ancient and integral part of the traditional Andean Wisdom and it is the heart of the Andean teachings and Cosmo-Vision. It provides a spiritual blueprint for personal healing, integration and the co-creation of your deepest dreams. It is both a medicine bundle and a powerful healing support for yourself and others. Through the creation of your personal Mesa you begin to nurture a profound relationship between yourself, Mother Earth and the Cosmos, as you deepen your understanding of “who you truly are.”

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Yachay Wasi - House of Sacred Learning Membership

A powerful space where we learn the ancient Andean wisdom of the Mesa Path and how to be a part of a spiritual community committed to Yachay - sacred learning and Llanquay - sacred work together.

This curriculum is intended to empower your connection to the Mesa teachings through monthly Sacred Learning Circles, Spiritual Tools, Activations, Workshops and Retreats. It is a space dedicated to your personal growth and empowerment while helping you to remember how to be in right-relationship and to walk in reverence in a good way with all of your relations.

Yachay Wasi is also the home of our Spiritual family - Ayllu Kallpa. You can join at any time.


Heart of the Condor Podcast

A space to help you empower your heart, deepen your connection to Mother Earth and remember your place in the Cosmos.

Through the sharing of ancient wisdom, traditional teachings, stories, and the Andean cosmo-vision Jhaimy generously guides us in how to walk in right-relationship with harmony and reverence for ourselves, our communities, and our world.


Join us every two weeks on Thursdays for our new episodes

These courses have been designed to provide each participant with the opportunity to immerse themselves deeply in the study of one of the Andean Principles over several weeks through our online portal. Through a combination of wisdom teachings with Jhaimy, as well as practical tools to integrate and process in a personal way, these courses offer a solid foundation and blueprint from which to understand the Andean Wisdom teachings and how they can be applied in our lives. These courses are self-paced and have the option of being expanded upon with a personal guidance session with Jhaimy to support you in your journey of understanding through the principle.


The Andean Principle of Beauty, Love, Sweetness and Magic

Within this vibration of love, also exists the realities of beauty, magic, and sweetness in the same moment.

Discover how these portals of understanding weave, interconnect and open new pathways in your life. Learn how to manifest more magic through bringing the beauty of your internal process to connect deeply with your soul.

Join this self-paced program to anchor and activate more love in your life.


Yachay Llanquay

The Andean Principles of Sacred Learning and Sacred Work

What if each day was a ceremony?
The principles of Yachay and Llanquay are directly connected to the teachings of the Llama which in the Andes represents the Service of Love. These principles also embrace the teachings of how to be mindful and discerning of what it is we are learning and how we are choosing to apply that in our daily lives.


Andean Principles

We will have more online courses focussing on the Traditional Andean Principles coming soon.

Please check back for details.