✦  Sacred Healing Space  
Holding and Facilitating Transformation for Others


Healing Practitioner Masterclass + Private Group Mentorship with Jhaimy


Available now as a recording of our live class

Join Traditional Andean Healer & Wisdomkeeper Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta for this interactive and insightful time focused on sharing practical tools and teachings for practitioners that hold transformational and healing space.

With over 30 years of experience as a traditional Curandero-healer, Jhaimy brings a unique perspective from his Elders and Masters that has the ability to transform, empower and open awareness and new pathways of holding space for others and their healing process.

This is best suited to healing practitioners who currently are working with clients such as RMTs, Osteopaths, Therapists, Energy Healers, Doulas, Coaches, and Group Facilitators.

During this very special 2-hour group container, you will have the opportunity to learn from the Andean Wisdom and to also bring your questions to the circle and receive personalized guidance from Jhaimy. This will provide a rich and wonderful pathway into group learning from each other and our shared experiences as sacred healing space holders.



This will be a very special and potent time together as Jhaimy is honoured to share these healing wisdom teachings from the Andes to assist your personal sacred gifts for the world, your profession, and your intentional business.

A recording will be available if you can't attend live, and you also have the option to add on a Private Mentorship Session with Jhaimy for extra support.

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Andean Wisdom Teachings & Energetic Transmissions

During our time together we experience the gift of Jhaimy sharing ancient wisdom teachings connected specifically to healing within a harmonious, sacred, and transformational time and space as well as in-the-moment messages he is receiving from the Apus and Masters.

Supportive Tools & Practices

Supportive and practical tools and practices that assist transformational space and can help empower your sacred container and your client's personal process.


The power of community

While we can certainly do this work on our own it is so much more powerful, expansive, and fun to do it together! Join heart-centred practitioners from around the world as you are witnessed, held, and empowered by intentional sharing and the collective energy of our community and the energy of sacred healing space.

What you will receive:

  • Audio recording of a 2 hour sacred container live class with Jhaimy 
  • Andean Wisdom Teachings as passed down by the Elders & Masters in Peru since time immemorial
  • Supportive & Practical Tools and Spiritual Practices
  • Community Group Mentorship + recording of Q&A with Jhaimy to support you in your personal-professional journey
  • BONUS OPTIONAL ADD ON to have a Professional Mentorship Session with Jhaimy to dive deeper into your personal experience and questions.

This is a special Summer Community Offer of only $120 to participate in this beautiful experience to learn, transform and empower.

Yachay Wasi Discounts also apply of 10%-50%

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"Jhaimy is an amazing healer, you can feel the work physically and emotionally even when he steps a few feet away. Very connected with his helpers and working in a good way. He is an incredible adept guide and teaches so much more than can ever be found online, in books or through casual observation"
~ C. M

"Jhaimy heals & rebalances me when I need support to continue my work. Grateful we found each other."
~ C. G 

"I’ve had the privilege of working with several wisdomkeepers and healers from around the world. None surpass the wisdom, love and innate healing skills of Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta. As a guide and healer on our annual pilgrimage to Machu Picchu, Jhaimy has helped hundreds of our fellow travelers enrich their lives through his sharing of the spiritual teachings of the Andes."
~ C. D

"After meeting many teachers and masters it became evident to me that spiritual insight didn't always bring an open and loving heart. Finding a balanced, spiritual-but-deeply-human teacher is a rare thing, and Jhaimy is just such a person. He shared with all of us with an open heart and as a friend, yet holding the space for us with knowledge and power."
F. C

In the spirit of love this special offer is only $120.


Yes! This sounds wonderful, please sign me up!

Coming together in community to empower love for Mother Earth, our communities, and all of our relations. 


If you are feeling called to join us, we would love to have you with us!


In Munay,

Starr, Jhaimy and Martine


"As healers we need to see and perceive what is the reality of another person."

- Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta