“Peru for me was a SPIRITUAL REAWAKENING – an AWESOME once-in-a-lifetime TRANSFORMATIONAL event!!!!! …and the magic continues to unfold in my life as my path more clearly defines itself….
Jhaimy – thanks for your guidance, insight, love and sharing. This experience was a gift inspired and presented by you! I feel so blessed!!!!! Also thanks to you Starr for your advice and support.”

Monica Sebastian (Vancouver, BC)

“I’ve had the privilege of working with several shaman and healers from around the world.  None surpass the wisdom, love and innate healing skills of Jhaimy Alvarez- Acosta.  As a guide and healer on our annual pilgrimage to Machu Picchu, Jhaimy has helped hundreds of our fellow travelers enrich their lives through his sharing of the spiritual teachings of the Andes.”

Chip Duncan (Documentary Filmmaker)

“I had a really incredible journey to Peru with Jhaimy as my guide. Warmth, sense of humour and compassion are qualities that just shine from him and make him such a pleasure to travel with. I loved learning about Andean spirituality and the opportunity to participate in traditional ceremonies was definitely the highlight of the trip for me. I did some powerful healing work during the trip and at all times felt totally held and supported by Jhaimy. I can’t wait to work with him again.”

Stewart Cunningham (Vancouver, BC)

“Jhaimy made our first visit to Peru extremely meaningful by introducing us to the sacred and the spiritual side of the Andean tradition. The extensive knowledge that Jhaimy has about the Andes and the patience and passion with which he shares the knowledge is simply amazing. During our journey to Peru, it was truly an honor and pleasure to be in Jhaimy’s company and learn from him. Besides being filled with wisdom, his style of teaching, his caring nature and his sense of humor made us want to stay connected and learn from him even after we returned from Peru. We found a great teacher, guide, and a friend in Jhaimy.”

Bhuvana & Ravi (Florida)


“From the moment I first met and experienced Jhaimy, I felt his heartfelt caring, sincerity and genuineness in the offering of his wisdom & teachings. He has the ability to calmly listen deeply from a solid sense of who he is authentically, which can be witnessed when he is answering various inquiries about path work. This resonance of authenticity from Jhaimy underscores the sensing of a deep integrity in which he approaches & receives others who seek his teachings. Overall, it has been a most supportive and positive experience personally for me, because this experience has reflected and confirmed for me, my own path work. To feel the majesty of the Eagle & the Condor working together has brought my Heart & Soul much Joy!”

Sylvia (Vancouver, BC)

“Jhaimy is a kind and beautiful man who willingly shares the ancient teachings of his ancestors. I personally have grown immensely in the short time I have known him. I recommend his workshops, talks, and private sessions to anyone who is seeking answers on their healing journey.”

Maury Fraser (Vancouver, BC)

“I would highly recommend Jhaimy’s workshops to anyone seeking to expand their knowledge and personal experience of ancient teachings. His teachings and methods are personal and from the heart, drawing from his ancient traditions with openness, sincerity and honoring of the Earth.”

Dorothy Ratcliffe (Vancouver, BC)

“I know Jhaimy to be a wonderfully authentic and heart-centered teacher of the Inca wisdom and Andean traditions of Peru. It is obvious that he is committed to the service of love, and I always enjoy his workshops and teachings when he is in Vancouver. I consider Jhaimy and Starr Muranko good friends and I always look forward to their visits!”

Helen Tomei (owner/founder ~ Sacred Earth Journeys)

Jhaimy blessing

“After meeting many teachers and masters it became evident to me that spiritual insight didn’t always bring an open and loving heart. Finding a balanced, spiritual-but-deeply-human teacher is a rare thing, and Jhaimy is just such a person. He shared with all of us with an open heart and as a friend, yet holding the space for us with knowledge and power.”

Franco (Vancouver, BC)

“I did not know a lot about Shamanism when I went to see Jhaimy; so, I went with no expectations. I had some chronic ailments that I had learned to live with and told him what they were. After I had finished my private healing session with him, I experienced boundless energy. Then, when I left him, instead of going straight home, I went for a very long walk on the seawall, something I hadn’t done for a long time. When I got home, I bounded up and down the stairs at home not fully realizing what had happened to my body but knew that I was feeling very energetic. It wasn’t until the next day, that I realized that the constant pain in my knees was gone! The fact that I could actually walk up and down the stairs without grimacing was remarkable! That was over three months ago, and I am still relatively pain free in the knees where cartilage had degenerated. Over the years, I had been told by several G.P.’s, that I would need knee replacement. Not any more! Thank you, Jhaimy!”

Carrie Lazareff

“For many years I have been fortunate to have worked with great healers. The first time I met with Jhamy I knew that he was special. The first session I had with him I had a huge shift and was so impressed that I treated my husband to a session and he too had a very positive session and shift. Two weeks later I had my 2nd session and truly felt a very positive shift.

Jhaimy came to my home and office to do a clearing to be in sync with our major shifts and he also gave my younger dog a small session. Talk about better than the dog whisperer! My dog is relaxed and not barking at every one that he sees. My business also took a leap forward and had a very positive cash flow as well. I have had 2 distant sessions with Jhaimy while he has been in Peru and equally I feel great!”

Caree Ludwar

“This journey was amazing. I appreciated the depth and breadth of the knowledge that Jhaimy and Jaden provided. Their unique way of making the information accessible via demonstrations at the temples and explanations from various perspectives is particularly valuable. They are so genuine and created a lovely spiritual journey that was fun and interesting while at the same time facilitating deep transformation. Thank you so much!”

Kelly O’Rourke

Jhaimy stone

“Thanks for all you do to help us help ourselves. I like doing it this way because the healing energy is spread throughout the planet. Keep up the great work.”

Don Duranso (Chiropractor)

“I thought it was very powerful and I am so grateful that this distance healing is being offered. I could feel (and still feel) the difference. So THANK YOU! I would register for something similar in the future.”

Heidi Van Impe (Visual Artist)

“I would recommend distance work with Jhaimy to anyone at anytime…

My highest prayers go to out to Jhaimy while in the Sacred places high in the mountains for him to learn those great things for all of us…

Group (healing) work adds a layer of humanity to it all, in an already somewhat increasingly insulating world, for I feel that is one of the biggest reasons why many are seeking this work out…to try and connect on all levels with others of like mind, body and soul…”

John Van Allen (Shamanic Practitioner)

“I think it’s exciting to connect with Jhaimy while he’s visiting the sacred sites…I loved last night’s session…I felt very relaxed, centered and rejuvenated at the end of the call.”

Bridget (Colorado Springs)

Jhaimy gratitude

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