Thank you for visiting our community resource page!  Here you will find teachings as shared by Jhaimy and Children of the Seven Rays through videos, online interviews, recorded teachings as well as the opportunity to participate in online teleclasses. We welcome your feedback, and look forward to growing and developing this page with further resources to support you on your journey.
Cultural protocol and respect for the teachings: 
As a reminder, the traditional knowledge that Jhaimy is sharing is for the personal use of individuals and the C7R community. We thank you for respecting this and only using the teachings for your personal practice and not sharing them publicly without Jhaimy and C7Rays’ consent.


If you are interested in sharing some of the recorded or written teachings with small meditation groups in your community, or as a way to introduce Jhaimy and his teachings to others, we are happy to discuss this possibility with you and ask that you contact us directly at: info(@)