2018 Journeys to Peru

JhaimyWakrapucara1Announcing our 2018 Journeys to Peru with Traditional Wisdomkeeper Jhaimy Alvarez Acosta

Celebrate the Summer and Winter Solstices with us in Peru while visiting some of the most beautiful and sacred sites in the Andes…a time to go deeply within and connect with your own inner light.

Two unique journeys to choose from in 2018…

JUNE 14TH – 25TH 2018

A magical time to experience the temples and sacred teachings connected to Cusco, the Sacred Valley and mystical Machu Picchu.  This year we are excited to also share a rare opportunity to explore the Sacred Site of Waqra Pukara (Temple of the Wind/Air) through a 3-day trekking/camping excursion including being in ceremony for the Solstice to welcome Father Sun and deepening our personal process of liberation and freedom. 

We will also be visiting the three sacred lakes of the region representing the three bodies of the mind (serpent) body (puma) and soul (condor) and integrating these teachings into our daily practice.  Our sacred journey will culminate with the always festive and powerful Inti Raymi celebrations in Cusco.

Cost: $3500USD  Early-bird special for the first 5 people to register – round-trip domestic flights (savings of $300USD)

Full itinerary at this link:  PDF June 2018 Itinerary


DECEMBER 6TH – 21ST 2018

Our signature journey which spans the sacred sites of Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu with new additions this year to include visits to Moray and Maras (Sacred Salt and circle terraces) as well as Cusco a Conto to witness the flight of the Condors and Quilla Rumi – temple of the Moon – to connect with the powerful feminine energy of this site.

From there we continue on towards Lake Titicaca with stops along the way at the community of Raatchi, 2 nights camping and ceremony in the magical Tinajani valley and visits to Los Uros floating islands.  This year our journey will also include venturing further out onto the Lake and visiting the Island of Amantani and the temples of the Sun and the Moon connected to the Feminine/Masculine energies and the creation story of the Andes.  We will be blessed with the invitation to stay with local families for one night in their homes and participate in local customs and celebrations.  Our journey will complete with a Solstice Ceremony at the Aramumuru Energetic gateway connected to the Serpent of Light. 

Special opportunity   As it will be the holiday season we will also have the opportunity to be a part of the Christmas celebrations and to give back to the communities that we will be visiting and to learn of their projects and initiatives that C7Rays Foundation has been contributing to over the years and our future plans and partnerships.

Cost: $4500USD

Early-bird special for the first 5 people to register – round-trip domestic flights (savings of $400USD)

Full itinerary at this link PDF Dec 2018 Itinerary

For more information or to register please contact us at: info@childrenofthe7rays.com